Singularity Systems provides an Artificial Intelligence platform called Singu̇AI to help enterprises transform their raw data into actionable insight.  They work with a wide variety of companies across a broad spectrum of industries to help them use AI to efficiently leverage data in real-time to power operational decisions at machine speed.

The Singu̇AI platform is comprised of three powerful Engines: Singu̇TXT, SinguIMG, and Singu̇PREDICT.  These engines put powerful Natural Language Processing, Image Processing, and Predictive Analytics capabilities into the hands of business users to automate the full life cycle of labeling, training, modeling, deploying, and maintaining business focused AI projects.  

Most enterprise data is either manually processed or ignored, because it remains buried in unstructured formats that are unable to be consumed by machines.  This inhibits the flow of data through your enterprise and locks you into a 20th century operational model.  Singu̇AI unlocks the value in that data with Intelligent Document Processing and Intelligent Image Processing, to clean and curate the data trapped in documents and images and prepare it for business consumption.

Established in 2019, Singularity Systems now has 5 offices in US and China.  They make AI practical, scalable, and cost effective by putting YOU at the center of the AI Revolution: Singu̇AI is YOUR real-time AI to transform data to insight.

For more information, please visit https://singularitysystems.com.cn/