AYR (formerly Singularity Systems) unlocks the value hidden in your unstructured data. Since our founding in 2018, AYR has been at the forefront of innovation in the AI, machine learning, and automation industries.

With its world-class team of scientists and developers, AYR has pioneered new AI techniques that have modernized and democratized intelligent document processing. The company provides SingularityAI, an Artificial Intelligence platform enabling enterprises to transform their raw data into actionable insight.

Enterprise leaders use SingularityAI to efficiently convert high-volume unstructured content into machine-readable data, enabling real-time decision-making and powering improvements in customer experience and operational agility.

Serving a global customer network of top-tier organizations in banking, insurance, healthcare, energy, and other data-intensive industries, AYR is headquartered in Princeton, NJ’s Einstein’s Alley.

For more information, please visit https://ayr.ai/