Panda Remit
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Panda Remit is a technology product and brand created in Hong Kong by Wo Transfer (HK) Limited, holding MSO license. We aim to provide safe, convenient, and low-cost money transfer service to overseas Chinese. Our goal is to make sending money home as easy as sending WeChat Red Packets to families. Traditional remittance service providers are offline, slow, and depend on an agent network, which incur significantly higher costs and lower quality of service. We are different from traditional MSB’s. Panda Remit is Internet-based, self-operated, and 100% online money transfer. We are able to keep our costs and overhead low, which enables us to greatly reduce transaction fee of remittance for customers. For what you pay for a cup of coffee, you are able to send money to China with Panda Remit!

For more information, please visit https://www.pandaremit.com/australia/index