LuCheng Data
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Shanghai LuCheng Data service ltd. was established in 2014 and the registered capital was 5,000,000RMB.

LuCheng Data put emphasis on satisfy social and financial institutions’ demands of personal credit grade by using mobile phone scores which based on the mobile communication behaviours. Based on the big data of mobile communication, LuCheng Data built professional team and creational technologies to provide safe and efficient mobile phone scores product and make effort on a harmonious, honesty and win-win economy.


LuCheng Mobile Phone Score (“MPS”) was based on the big data of customers’ mobile communication behaviours and used for financial institutions to predict the possibility of bad debt. There are up to 90% of bad debt in international loaning in china caused by fraud. LuCheng “MPS” also could be used for the anti-fraud depending on the professional identification ability of big data.


Many internet financial institutions might be lack of credit information about their clients, such as the info from PBC credit reporting. So that LuCheng “MPS” could be used as the same way of PBC reports and makes even better. LuCheng is the first third-party credit platform covering personal mobile communication behaviours scores in the global.