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Linklogis, abbreviated ("Lianyirong" or "LLS") was founded by a team of experienced industry experts in finance and technology. In February 2016, it was established in the Qianhai Pilot Frree Trade Zone, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.

At the beginning of 2020, Linklogis completed the strategic Series C+ funding by partnering with Standard Chartered. This is the first time that Linklogis introduced an international bank as an investor and it is also the first time that Standard Chartered invested in a Chinese suply chain fintech service plateform.

In October 2018, Linklogis received more than 220 million US dollars in Series C funding. The company's shareholders are outstanding international enterprises and funds including Tencent, CITIC Capital, Loyal Valley Capital, Government of Singapore Investment Corp. (GIC), Bertelsmann (BAI), China Merchants Venture, Global Logistic Properties Ltd., Skyworth, Oceanwide holdings, Welight Capital, Standard Chartered, etc.

Linklogis is committed to building the world's leading supply chain fintech service plateform. As one of the core memebers of Tencent's ToB strategic ecosystem, Linklogis reponds to the convept of inclusive financing endorsed by the government. We focus on the four dimension, namely core enterprise+, SMEs+, cross-border trade+, and Fintech+, to help SMEs in the ecosystem to access timely and low-cost financing. Leverage the power of Fintech, Linklogis focuses on advanced technologies such as ABCD (AI, blackchain, cloud computing and big data) to help core enterprises and their related enterprises by providing them with convenient and efficient supply chain financial services. By building plateform, Linklogis empowers financial institutions, governments, and enterprises on the industrial chain. We proudly create value for the real economy by improving the efficiency of financial markets and fostering the development of industrial chains.


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