Fintech Investments Review and Outlook

2021 Review

Global fintech investments amounted to US$ 132 B with key investment focus on digital banking, payment and crypto infrastructure.

Exhibit 1: Global Fintech Investments 2015-2021 (Source: CB Insights)

Highlights of the report

  • Fintech continued to be a key industry for venture capital investments in 2021. Global Fintech investment increased by 6X in the past seven years. Total investment in fintech startups made up ~20% of total investment and reached US$ 132 bn in 2021 (Exhibit 1). The US accounted for 40% of total investment, followed by Europe, China, and Southeast Asia.

  • Outlook: significant investment and value creation opportunities in Fintech as the critical technology and enabler for "Exchange of Value" in Web 3.0

  • Outlook on China: opportunities for enterprise solution/SaaS startups servicing financial institutions and capital markets


Attractive investment opportunities in Fintech which is too important to miss for asset allocators

As Web 3.0 technology matures and the post-pandemic economy recovers, fintech will remain the focus of venture capitals and investment funds globally in 2022. The interesting themes to us include: enterprise solutions and SaaS for financial institutions in China, inclusive finance for the underbanked population in SEA, and digital asset infrastructure supporting the growth of Web 3.0.

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