Founded in 2009, ChinaScope (Shanghai) Company Limited. ("ChinaScope") is a data technology company, helping financial institutions, corporations and government agencies in their own data and algorithm driven digitalization. Amongst its accolades, ChinaScope has been featured on KPMG China Leading Fintech 50 for four years as well as Forbes China Fintech Top 50. Since its establishment, the Company has focused on extracting structured knowledge from unstructured information. Over its 12-year tenure, ChinaScope has built a unique industrial value chain mapping system and established an AI-powered data production system.

Through data feeds and software systems, ChinaScope provides intelligent data products and services by linking together broad-based data content onto industrial value chains, allowing users to perform analyses on values and risks through sector economic systems. ChinaScope offers scenario-driven solutions for different client segments, including broad industry monitoring, regional industry analysis, risk management, asset management, quant investment research, company event tracking, and government-driven company investment initiatives.

ChinaScope’s mission is to continue expanding its content universe of highly structured knowledge-based data and serve as a premier economic intelligence nexus for our clients globally.

For more information, please visit https://www.chinascope.com/